My story


I had a pretty average upbringing with loving parents and two sisters. I did well at school, scraped through university and progressed through the management ranks in successful companies. Now married with three children, all of whom have just about permanently flown the nest, I work alongside people like you.


Sounds like a straightforward journey?


Yes, except that I burnt out and found myself in a situation that was completely alien to me. I couldn’t find the energy to reinvent myself. Not at first anyway. First I had to realise that all my life I had been managing and hiding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I had been trying to be someone else.


Not any more. Now I see my so-called challenges as gifts, and I use them unapologetically. I deploy them to help you to be the real you too. As Bob Burg and John David Mann say in ‘The Go Giver’, the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.’



Difference – Each one of is unique. We are wired up differently, we behave differently, and we communicate differently. Most importantly we have different motivations, values and needs. Understanding this in ourselves is critical to understanding it in others and creating the right conditions for fruitful collaboration.


Imagine – Images and metaphors can dig deep for us. They shape our understanding of reality and they allow us to link the new with the familiar. I invite you to use them get more perspective and to accelerate your sense of what’s possible.


Mindful – Attention is a key component of success. A ‘less is more’ approach reaps rewards far in excess of the effort required.


Impact – What will good look like? If we work together I want to make a difference. How that’s measured will be your choice, but it has to pass the ‘so what?’ test.



I set up Move Ahead Global in 2004. Following corporate careers in Marks and Spencer and Kelly Services, I now have over 25 years of experience in a variety of businesses and corporations as a leader, consultant and executive coach.

As the Managing Director at Move Ahead Global I work with a trusted network of top professionals in a variety of industries to make sure your needs are met.



Graduate: Advantara Learning Institute’s Global Executive Coach Education Program
BSc Hons (SocSci) Economic & Social History University of Bristol
MAC (Member of the Association for Coaching)
Certified GoGiver Speaker
Certified Prelude Facilitator
Licensed Facilitator for TetraMap® behavioural profiler

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