In a recent global survey of 572 executives nearly half of respondents cited differences in cultural traditions and different workplace norms as impeding cross-border transactions, compromising productivity and incurring significant losses for their company. If you export, manage teams with any degree of cultural diversity, manage geographically dispersed or virtual teams or outsource any of your operations abroad you will see the relevance immediately. The ability to appreciate and manage cultural diversity, a key skill for global executives today, can often feel elusive.

For those of you who have been following the story, you will want to know that Mark achieved his objective of securing the Executive Coaching to enable him to take his performance as a leader to the next level. The questions I asked him (see last blog post) removed the underlying assumption that he would not be able to remain calm and clear under pressure and argue his case. The assumption was in fact just a story he was holding onto and which his subconscious was feeding him as the truth. Once he had the new story in place he was able to see new possibilities and act accordingly. These were some of the actions he took to pave the way for success:

So as you will recall Mark was nearly at the point where he felt confident to present a robust case for Executive coaching to Jane, his CEO. But I sensed resistance still. Mark needed no convincing that coaching was the way forward for him to consolidate his leadership skills because he had witnessed the positive impact of coaching on his team. He knew that it had the potential to release him from his 'stuck' feeling and rejuvenate his career. Here is how the conversation went:

On the back of a successful Leadership Coaching project in a high growth start-up now turning over in excess of £2 million, I have been talking to the company’s MD. He wants to secure executive coaching for himself and take his performance as a leader to the next level. For this to happen he needs buy-in from his CEO. However, there are a number of challenges:
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