LUCK Career Coaching is designed to ensure you are always open to new opportunities, you can prove your worth and you are equipped to adapt and to stay relevant. Essentially it is about creating your own luck. It has been said that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. This is your chance to do just that.

This programme is perfect if you are seeking a new career challenge, changing companies, going through redundancy, returning to work after a career break or looking to enhance your global working skills.

According to recent research more than two thirds of employees are either actively seeking new jobs or are at least open to the idea. As Philip Stephens of the Financial Times said “What’s certain is that the world is changing faster than any time in human history.” The global economy, its workforce and the very way it operates are in flux.  We need to both stay in tune with what is happening AND stay true to our core strengths.

Corporations want to do more with fewer resources and are looking for entrepreneurial-minded people who can move business forward. Unexpected lay-offs, outsourcing and mergers & acquisitions mean jobs for life are rare. Whether or not you are seeking new horizons out of choice, you may be playing with an old set of rules, or at least need to reflect on whether you need to make changes to them.

Ladder image by Grace Coombes

What is the gap between who you are and how others see you?

What is your gut telling you that you are currently ignoring?

How well are you using the power of social to develop deeper connections?

How do you keep up with the fast changing business world?

LUCK package includes:

 Psychometric profile

 Resume review

 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions

 Perception gap

 Value proposition/presence

 2 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

 Building deep connections

 Self-coaching plan

 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions

Take up this opportunity if you want a job that is right for you in every senseto be stretched beyond your perceived limitations, to feel or regain a sense of momentum and are looking to enhance your global working skills.

Find out more in a 30 minute complimentary Career Breakthrough Strategy Session

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