Global Executive Coaching

      • Are you a talented Global Executive negotiating the ambiguity and complexity of today’s fast-paced business environment?.
      • Do you see opportunities for yourself that are yet to be realised?
      • Are you looking for learning that will address the issues that are relevant and live for you, right now?
      • How close to your real self are you? Do you feel there is more you could make of your integrity and authenticity in your search for success?
      • Are you wanting to lead yourself more effectively and in so doing inspire your teams and colleagues to do the same?
      • Do you feel that your culturally diverse teams could work more harmoniously, thus improving productivity and results?


If you are answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. We work only with people who are willing to dig deep and question what motivates them to act in certain ways and whether taking on a different perspective could lead them to different and more fulfilling experiences. Our approach is unashamedly focused on relationships – how you relate to yourself, how you relate to your colleagues, and how you relate to your organization.


Typical Challenges for Global Executives

One of your key people is struggling to settle in her new role abroad which is threatening the success of the assignment. How will you ensure she manages the transition successfully, delivers the results you want and stays with the organisation?

Your change programme is behind schedule with too much to do and too little time to do it in. How can you build capacity in your team without overloading your people?

You are leading teams across three continents and your challenge is finding, retaining and developing the right people. How can you find the right people?

You are the new leader of a multi-cultural, geographically dispersed team. How can you ensure your team works together effectively?

Which of the above most applies to you?


What 3 steps could you take right now to address these challenges and make maximum impact?


What other issues are you facing as a Global Executive?


You are the expert on your business. Our expertise as Global Executive Coaches is to support you in finding your own solutions. Visit our Client Portfolio page to find out how Global Executive Coaching is making a difference to our clients.


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