How to Create a Virtual Water-Cooler™

I was recently asked by Rasheryl McCreary of TAO Leadership Development to talk about my ‘invention’, the Virtual Water-Cooler™.  Tao Leadership Development  is a coaching firm specializing in personal branding programs for high-performing, on-the-rise leaders who are ready to step up to the next role. Rasheryl is an accomplished interviewer and it was a very enjoyable conversation. The whole process also really got me thinking more about the power of seemingly small actions to completely transform a situation. 

Find out more about the power of recreating impromptu conversations in global virtual teams.

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      1. What will you do differently now?
      2. How much more effective could your team performance be by creating a Virtual Water-Cooler™?
      3. How much more ‘intentional’ could you be about your approach to engaging your team?


Find out more about the work Clare McNamara does with leaders and their teams.

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